Donald Trump

Donald Trump and his Campaign

Donald Trump, have you heard of such a name? If you haven't just be aware that he might be your new US president. Yeah thats right, you've probably heard of him and you're thinking, “The rich guy who is always on TV". Donald Trump is running for president against the lovely wife,(Hillary Clinton) of our past president Bill Clinton. Yes a women is running for president. Yay! Donald Trump is well known and he wants to be better than before. He says Vote for me and let's make America great again Donald Trump's words. Donald Trump has talked bad things about people. This man is not afraid to talk about what is on his mind, and he will do anything to get elected as president. So far he has been the most powerful person in this campaign, he has money, education, people love him/know him, and he is not afraid to say anything. Once Donald Trump gets elected, he wants to make America great again but how?

Donald Trump's Wall

By making America great again Donald Trump is planning to build a wall around the border of the US. He is trying to keep the Mexicans out of the US and the most surprising thing is, he will make them pay for the wall. He wants to build something, his own idea and he will make someone else build it/pay for it. Many people don't like this idea of having the wall built just to keep the Mexicans out, but it will stop people from crossing the border illegaly. He is not only trying to keep them out he is also trying to take them out. All the undocumented Mexicans are wanted out by Trump, that is pretty good because they are illegal, and we basically don't know that they are here, they are considered ghost. No one wants ghost in their country. The US is populated with about 10.9% undocumented Mexicans. That will leave a lot of room in the US but kicking them out is wrong, so they will be moved back to where theu came from in a "nice way". Even though they made their lives here and their children were born here, if they are undocumented they should go. By having this announced, Trump had lost many of his votes and it is harder for him to be president now, but it's not impossible. He will do all in his power to be the next US president. Help Trump win this presidency and he will make America great again, don't worry America will finally be great, and he will help the debt that America has go away.

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