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GHCHS Track and Field

About Us: GHCHS Track and Field has many student athletes that tried thier best to get on the team on try outs week. Many people didn't make it, but that is because the Track team is trying to get the best people to run in order to get a chmpionship team. The Track team runs out in the Track that was donated by our dearly Granada Gruaduate, ex NFL Bronco's QB John Elway, as well as the Football field. The Track team is made of hard working athletes who take this sport serious and show it in thier training and as well as in the meets. GHCHS Track practices during 6th period through 7th period, or until the coach decides to stop practice. The team practices every day of the week, and on the weekends, the athletes are recomended to run. When meets occur, they happen on Thursdays and some on Saturdays. The Track team only has Varsity and Junior Varsity boys and girls teams. This year we will try our best and try to be one of the bests teams in the state.

This is John Elway
celebrating for winning the Super Bowl.

This is the track of
GHCHS at an angle.