GHCHS Track and Field

Introduction: Hello, this is the introduction of one of the most competative sports in the world. This sport is found in many palces, it is probably the most famous around the world. They're held in Olympis with this, and competitions around the world to prove your the best at what you do. Granada Hills Charter High School is lucky to have this sport becasue many schools can't afford to have it for their students to try. Granada's Track team is really good, having about 140 student athletes, and each one is top 10 at the school for thier event. Click on the Events tab to find out what events are done in high school. GHCHS Track this 2017 year is having new coaches, each one better than the lasts. New captains, and faster and better atheletes. This year our captians are trying to get a state championship team, with hard work, and dedication, GHCHS Track team can accomplish anything. Track is a sport with a series of events that prove many things, how fast you are, how high/long can you jump, how strong are you, and how flexible are you while running. In this sport, anyone can join/do, it is the one sport that doesn't require skill, it just requires dedication and hard work. Track can help you in every sport, when you're off season, it would be a great sport to do. Track is only done during the spring semseter part of the year. Join Track at your school, it will help you both mentaly and physicaly.

This is GHCHS's
Mascott Scottish Terriers