Donald Trump and His Wall Campaign

Here He Here He, Make way for our President Donald Trump

Trump 2016

Donald Trump won the Presidential Election against Hilary Clinton, Winning with 279 electoral votes.

Now all we have to do is, Make America Great again, and Build that wall

The man that everyone is talking about. Donald Trump. He is running for president and will do anything in his power to win. If he wins he will build a wall keeping all of the Mexicans out, would you want that? Well I am sure you don't but it might not happen, this guy has more respect for Latinos than anyone in the world. He loves women and treats them with all respect, and is "never" racist. Vote for Trump and help make America great agian.

Here Is an Article about Donald Trump's Wall Campaign

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Trump goes to visit world leader who once compared him to Hitler, is he jealous?

Donald Trump goes to Mexico and tells them they will pay for and build his wall.

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